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If you have ever looked in your rearview mirror to see the flashing lights of a police car there telling you to pull over, then you know the sinking feeling that comes over you. Try as hard as you can to be a driver who follows all of the rules, there may a come a time when you get issued a traffic citation. You might think that this is no big deal, but you will want to take it seriously. You will want a Chicago traffic violation defense attorney handling your case from the outset. When you contact the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kent, you will find out just what can be done.

What is the Big Deal?

You might think that a traffic citation is no big deal. You just get a fine, pay it, and then go on your way. While it might sound easy, there may be much more to it than that. The state of Illinois operates on a point system. Every citation that you receive will amount to a certain number of points being added to your record. Once you get a certain number of points, your insurance company will be notified. At that point, you can expect that your monthly insurance premiums may go up as a result. In addition, you can lose your driving privileges all together if you get a certain number of points on your record.

What Can an Attorney Do?

A Chicago traffic violation defense attorney will work on your behalf to examine the circumstances surrounding the citation itself. This is an experienced professional who understands the traffic laws in the city. They will work to either get the citation dropped or the fine and number of points reduced. In the end, you will want to do whatever you can to minimize the effects of the traffic citation that you received.

If you have received a traffic citation in Chicago, contact the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kent for assistance.

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