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Being convicted of any crime can be a serious jolt to the system. No matter if you serve jail time or not, the mark on your record is like a stain on your person. It seems to follow you around everywhere. A felony conviction must be revealed on every application for employment that you fill out. Personal relationships are often destroyed. You might find that opportunities in your career dry up as a result. The list goes on and on. If only you could find a way to get rid of that conviction, everything may be ok. With Chicago IL expungement attorneys, you may just find out that it is possible. You will want to contact The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kent to begin the petition process.

What is an Expungement and Who Qualifies?

Just as the name implies, expungement involves the removal of a felony conviction from your record. Ordinarily, a conviction never gets removed from your record unless it is overturned. It remains there for the world to see as long as you live. However, there are times when you have a legitimate case to get a conviction expunged. You have already served the time, but you can petition the court to have the conviction taken away. There are certain serious offenses where this is not possible, such as in the case of rape or murder. However, many other convictions can possibly be expunged if you can make a strong enough case. If approved, you will never have to mention that conviction again because it will not be on your record.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

Chicago IL expungement attorneys are invaluable to you throughout this process. They will walk you through the petition and make as strong a case as possible. At every turn, they will represent you and work hard to get that criminal conviction removed from your record if at all possible.

Contact The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kent if you wish to seek an expungement. You can schedule a consultation with a lawyer and go over your options.

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