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The #MeToo movement is a valiant and respectable mobilization of advocacy, which has sought to render justice on behalf of victims across America who have dealt with sexual abuse.

This social justice movement started out in Hollywood’s inner circles. The movement gave voices to a predominantly female base of accusers who publicly shared their harrowing stories of victimhood. Over the past few years, shocking accusations have been made.

The names of powerful music, television, and film executives have come up, as well as the numerous allegations of sex crimes that were lodged at them. As a result, serious felony charges, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sodomy have been filed against some notable Hollywood figures in a number of criminal cases.

Unfortunately, in a percentage of these cases, defendants have had their livelihoods threatened and taken away based on inconsistent and poorly verified stories, which have been told by some accusers. When facing felony charges that involve serious sex crimes, mounting an aggressive legal defense team is critical.

How the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Kent Can Serve You

In the state of Illinois, a person convicted on one felony count of criminal sexual assault can face anywhere between 4-15 years in prison. However, the Law Office of Jefferey J. Kent has the much-needed legal expertise, which can reduce the odds stacked against a defendant facing such a charge in a court of law.

Jefferey Kent (the principal and lead counsel for the Law Office of Jefferey J. Kent) is one of the top Chicago felony defense lawyers. Mr. Kent has been licensed to practice law for 20 years.

Over the course of 1500 cases, he has represented criminally-charged defendants in the Illinois counties of Cook and Dupree.

Unlike many Chicago felony defense lawyers, Mr. Kent brings the legal experience of a former prosecutor on your side into the courtroom. This gives him the ability to accurately communicate the prosecutorial strategy to defendants. Also, Mr. Kent can proactively respond to any action taken by a prosecution team.

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Being charged with a serious sex crime (such as rape) can be an adverse and life-altering experience. However, the benefit of aggressive legal maneuvering on your behalf can mitigate the circumstances. The Law Office of Jefferey J. Kent is fully-equipped with the legal resources you need to protect your reputation.

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