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Nick (2016)

From the very beginning Mr. Kent was optimistic about my case. It was difficult to find someone who was this understanding and not judgmental in any way being a male with an emergency order of protection. At the initial court date he met with me early to again go over my case and to alleviate my fears and concerns. The party that issued the emergency order was late and the order was dismissed. Then the person arrived. Mr. Kent advised me to stay for a couple of minutes. To my dismay he let the judge rescind the order in order for the other party to state their case. They continued with the order of protection. I asked why Mr. Kent had done that and he told me they could easily get another order that same day and we’d be back to square one. When the case went to trial Mr. Kent was once again very optimistic and professional. He calmed my nerves and told me what to expect. We went into court confident in our case to say the least. The opposing party had no chance. Mr. Kent has a talent with words and caught the other party in multiple lies. Neither I nor my witnesses had to testify. After the case was dismissed a man in the courtroom came up and asked for Mr. Kent’s card because he was so impressed with the way he handled things. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. He made a point to stay in constant communication and see how I was doing. Thank you Mr. Kent! I can hold my head up high again thanks to this man.

Truly pleasant Experiance


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